About Us

Saucy's World Gymnastics Leotards has been created to meet the demanding requirements of both gymnastics clubs and athletes interested in owning enhanced quality gymnastics leotards. 

Today we provide quality computerized designed gymnastics apparel for both male and female gymnasts including tumbling, trampoline, acrobatic and artistic gymnastics including competitive and training leotards, gymnastics shorts and even leotards that fit all 18" dolls.

We are VERY proud to say that since our inception in 2006, ALL of our orders have been fulfilled ON TIME and IN FULL (and in a majority of the cases, actually early!)

Remember if you have any questions, we will endeavor to find the answers – just ask. We are here to listen and act upon your needs because without you, we wouldn’t be here!

Saucy's World stops at nothing to make sure you are happy!

Please note that fabric colours, as displayed on the website, may look different on the finished product!

Return Policy

Saucy's World will gladly exchange any unworn item up to 15 days after you have received it. Please contact us if you have ANY problems with your order - we want nothing more than for you to be happy! Your satisfaction is our motivation!

Payment Methods

Online, Saucy's World accepts payment via American Express, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal (and Google Pay/Apple Pay where available). At headquarters and while on site during sales, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Interac Debit and cash. Apologies in advance as Saucy's World DOES NOT accept personal cheques.

Special Thanks

There have been many people that have helped out in the building and creation of Saucy's World Inc. over time, so we thought we should thank each one personally:

  • Models – Huston, Amy, Ashley, Sofia, Tenisha, Tristan, Kristienne, Jamie, Leslye, Lindsay, Hailey, Julia, Casandra - you all ROCK!
  • Photography - Steve, Eliza, Chris, Jocelyn
  • Logo Design - Steve
  • Huge Parental Support – Lil, Wendy, Brian, Tracy
  • Workspace - Rudy
  • Sales – Anita, Divya, Sebastian
  • Manufacturing Support – Divya, Narges, Alba

And last, but certainly not least, we want to thank ALL of our friends and family who have provided the much needed support in helping to continually build this world-class organization.

Remember, a well-dressed gymnast is a happy gymnast!
Saucy's World... gymnastics leotards made for the stars of today and tomorrow!